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What is FME Hub?

FME Hub is a community platform where users can access and share pre-built, customized FME tools like transformers, readers, writers, templates and web connections.

No signup is required to access tools on FME Hub, however, by creating a free account you can privately store your FME creations for access from anywhere. You can also share them publicly with the FME community to help others with their projects.

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What’s Available on FME Hub?

Diagram explaining FME Hub

Custom Transformers

Created to meet a specific yet commonly required data manipulation need, these tools are composed of a combination of preconfigured transformers packaged up into one to save you time. Browse

Diagram explaining FME Hub

Web Connections

Preconfigured tools that enable users to connect to a web service’s API from within an FME workflow. FME Hub is a secure and convenient way to store and reuse connection parameters for web services that a workflow is connected to. Browse

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Workspace Templates

An easy way to get started. FME templates are a partially configured and laid out workspace and can include source datasets within the file. Browse

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Custom Format Readers & Writers

Created to enable reading and/or writing of a format not yet supported by FME’s core product, these tools are FME Workspaces that have been customized to preprocess data. Browse

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